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Difference between female and female plants of weed?

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Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning male or female reproductive organs appear on different plants.

With cannabis, females are usually isolated away from males—introducing males into a garden will result in pollination, causing females to create seeds.

This is important for a breeder to achieve new genetics, but most growers remove the males to allow females to produce seedless buds, also called sinsemilla. These are the resinous buds that appear on the store shelf; they all come from female plants.

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Cannabis plants are primarily male or female, although hermaphrodite plants are a possibility. Cannabis is known as a dioecious plant, meaning both male and female plants produce flowers.

Each sex has different characteristics which enable growers to tell them apart. It is important to know exactly how to identify each gender depending on the desired outcome of the grow, whether that be large resinous buds or seeds and breeding potential.

Marijuana plants begin to reflect signs of their specific sex within the first two weeks of the flowering period. Plants begin to reach their sexual maturity at around six to eight weeks after germination has occurred. At this point signals to which sex they are will become visible around branch internodes.
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