Hosted ecommerce solutions with unmatched performance

Hosted ecommerce solutions with unmatched performance

We handle your ecommerce hosting

Management of server and operation teams can empty your wallet, costing you thousands of dollars in a single year. Atop that, it can also take away plenty of time due to which your business may suffer. E-commerce platforms that are hosted externally are often securer and more reliable. Moreover, this removes the requirement of high-level expertise that is otherwise needed for self-hosted software servers. Fastweed removes this burden off your shoulders by providing a seamless website hosting service with top-notch security, and level 1 PCI compliance.

Host security

Competitive uptime

You would certainly not want to get your down. Keeping your store up at all times would be your no. 1 priority. At Fastweed, the priorities of our team are fully aligned with yours. As a result of this, we offer a highly stable service having an uptime of 99.99% or more. As a whole, the average uptime of websites happens to be only around 95.5% or less.

Fast sites with a high conversion rate

When you have a significant amount of traffic returning to your website, a delay of a single second can reduce the conversion rate by as much as 7%. The Fastweed platform offers a blazing fast solution with an average response time of one-third of a second. Atop that, our tech experts will optimize and test your shopping cart for the holiday seasons, in order to ensure that your website can handle the excessive traffic.

Multiple layers of security

The Fastweed platform protects your marijuana websites by providing multiple layers of security stacked on top of each other, in order to prevent your store from unauthorized access and cyber threats. The service also includes an intrusion detection software, server dedicated firewalls, perimeter, file integrity scanners, and human monitoring 24/7. This allows you to continue your store operations without any hindrance.

DDOS protection

Fastweed Enterprise plan includes a standard top-notch DDOS mitigation for added protection of your store from cyber threats, at a competitive price. On the other hand, traditional hosting platforms may cost you around $5000 per month or more for such a cutting-edge feature.

Boost search rankings and conversion with Sitewide HTTPS

Fastweed plans offer a high-end HTTPS throughout your website. This puts you right in line with Google’s guidelines for maximizing SEO while allowing you to attain a greater level of customer trust and satisfaction. After all, your customers will know that there are no threats to be faced.

Since migration to the Fastweed platform, I am able to dedicate all my time to the sales, marketing, and other business operations. After all, I do not have to unwillingly spend a big chunk of my time on keeping the website running and clean anymore. Ken Harrison, President, Enjuku Racing

Level 1 PCI-compliant hosting

We are proud to have all our servers PCI DSS 3.2 certified at the level 1. Such industry-leading security prevents you from data breaches while eliminating the costs of handling compliance on your own.

Our ecommerce hosting & security features:

Unlimited bandwidth.

Fast content delivery network.

Buy new domain names.

Use an existing domain name.

Shared SSL certificate included.

Buy or transfer dedicated SSL certificates.

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