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We are among the leading providers of cannabis ecommerce solutions, helping dispensaries drive revenue and build relationship with their customers. We have the most innovative technologies and experts available on hand to provide your business an easy-to-use platform equipped with powerful features. Aside from being a site builder, we also offer tools necessary to boost your online business and engage with your customers better. We got everything taken care of, and so the least thing you can do is to focus on having your products and services delivered.


Let Your Dispensary Ecommerce Website Speak for You

We give you an access to a fully-customized and interactive dispensary platform for your business. We ensure that your website is packed with sophisticated design and completely parceled features, so that it leaves ready to showcase your products and speak on your behalf.

Look for the Best Template

We give exquisite, responsive themes, designed to accommodate major cannabis dispensary industries in engaging well with their existing market. These themes are built to be high-converting, and are optimized for fast page-load across both mobile and computer platforms. Showcase your products and brand without worrying about common template issues such as incompatibility, faulty interface, and abysmal design. Our themes are equipped with various tools and features to automatically adjust your web content and images across devices, at no additional cost topped in.

Access to a Full Site Customization

We ensure that the platform we provide you are fully-customizable to fit perfect for your needs and requirements. Our hosting services are assured to give your customers a positive shopping experience quicker and more convenient than any other cannabis ecommerce solution providers you can find. There are no code-free updates and what’s even better is that you can always find a developer to use our initial design and customize any aspect of the website we have built for you. Any developer will find our websites convenient to modify since we allow them to use common languages and we test it right before it is published to a whole lot of audience.

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Focus on Dealing with Your Customers

We basically provide everything you need to bring your cannabis dispensary business on the web and ensure that your website runs in a secure environment, compliant to the standards provided by Payment Card Industry (PCI). Rest tight, and concentrate on having good arrangements with your existing market.

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Transport Your Data Easily

If you have worked for any other cannabis ecommerce solutions before and you want to avail for our services, never worry. We can easily replatform your online store and migrate it completely to the website we have prepared for you. Use our import and export features to assist you throughout the process of migrating your store. Whether you are a major or a minor dispensary business, we always make it easy for you to switch to our services.

Get Yourself Assisted On Your First Time Setup

If you haven’t yet experienced managing an online store, we are ready to provide you our one-on-one support and expertise to get your first time setup right. Accelerate your entire setup process and bring your day back to normal.

Take in Charge of Your Online Business

Manage your online store through our easy-to-use control panel. Create and manage your digital content and track the latest changes in your orders and inventory.

Savor a Hassle-Free Content Management System

We provide a fully-comprehensive content management system to make it easier for you to manage your products and services online. Use it to effortlessly add categories on your website, manage your pages and blog posts, and launch additional web content without installing too much computer or mobile applications. Within the system itself are available customer product options, which you can use to assign stock keeping units (SKUs), current rates and web images.


Cash Out Through Your Preferred Payment Method

Fastweed provides no additional charges when choosing your preferred payment method. We work with various payment providers including PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Pay with Amazon all quoted at lower rates.

View Latest Changes in Your Inventory

Through our control panel, you can process out orders step by step without having to go anywhere. All management tools are available at their product option level so that you can easily provide accurate information about your products and services and keep up a fully-detailed listing.

Boost Your Sales Conversion

Your dispensary activities are made simple and more engaging than ever. Ensure that your shoppers have what they need anytime and anyhow they wanted.

Increase Your Sales on Your Existing Channels

As far as we’re concerned, we are the only cannabis ecommerce solutions to provide you with an all-in-one platform, packed with the right features and the ability to synchronize your inventory with social media environment. Channel your products through Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, and Amazon to process all your orders in the same location. We provide you a convenient, secured marketplace for you and your customers to engage with one another.

Convert your Mobile Shoppers

Of course, what’s a platform without turning your online mobile shoppers into long-term customers? With Fastweed, we convert up to 3x higher than any other available ecommerce solutions. With responsive designs and full-packed mobile selling features, you’ll find your market volume at constant growth. We also provide a one-page checkout which prevents your users from being stressed out because of so many pages they are going to visit before they can finally purchase. We also allow your customers to use the payment method they are most convenient of.

Experience a Marketing Featured Platform

We ensure that your site is equipped with necessary tools to optimize it on the search ranking and increase your daily organic traffic. With email providers, Google shopping, and other marketing channels, we make your business easily accessed by your customers. Plus, you get the chance to engage with more or less 30% of online shoppers who purchase on a weekly basis.

Enjoy More Conversion Features

Aside from giving you a hand in gaining attention from internet users, we also ensure that they will eventually engage to the products and services you have showcased online. We provide a vast set of conversion features, all just to turn these site visitors as your regular customers. These features include a one-page checkout, a cart saver, and a comprehensive product search.

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Drive Your Business Smoothly

Make your business operations efficient and time-saving. We provide you an extensive ecommerce platform and features to speed things up.

Access to the Best Ecommerce Tools

We take pride in providing you leading marketing tools in the dispensary industry, which are packed along with your website. Among these tools are the control panel, shipping preferences, and tax automation.


Powerful Applications Right at Your Hands

We provide you all the applications you need, pre-built and integrated into your website to let you make the most out of the platform we have made for you.

Integrate Third Party Tools

Our APIs are designed to let online dispensaries integrate third party tools into their platform, aside from those that are built beforehand. We made it to be open so that you can customize any aspect of your business and formulate solutions fit to simplify your business operations.

Get Assisted by World-Class Experts

Whether you are having your first time setup or just starting to venture on a new channel, we have our experts to back you up for 24 hours. All these are available in our premium services for enterprise merchants.

Switch Your Platform Easily

We simplify the process of migrating your products to our platform or setting up your online store for the first time. We have our onboarding phone team and catalog transfer services to guide you through the migration and onboarding process. Plus, when you avail for our enterprise services, you gain access to our dedicated consultants.

Access Our Support Anytime You Want

You can easily reach out to us 24/7 via phone, email, or chat. Find solutions to the recurring issues in your website through our one-on-one support, in-depth documentation, and videos. By accessing to our support, you can find yourself instantly eased out. In fact, our phone support is known to resolve nearly 90% of issues on the first call.

Equip Yourself with a Set of Dedicated Account Managers

Along with our Enterprise plan comes a lot of benefits including an access to custom business advice and priority support from our account managers. They respond so well to the issues reported by our customers, creating a 99% retention rate.

Have Certified Professionals Back You Up

We have the right set of people to help you in refining your store’s design, giving a boost to your marketing strategies, and integrate your platform to other third party features.

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