1. Sour Diesel

    Known to deliver a rather positive and energized high, the Sour Diesel is a strain that remains extremely popular in the United States. Moreover, a number of flavorful strains such as the Sour Jack and Sour Tsunami have sprung out from the Sour Diesel.

    Also referred to as the Sour D, this Marijuana strain carries a distinct scent, often said to be fuel-like.

  2. Ms. Moneypennys Thc Syrup

    THC syrup, as the name implies, is essentially a liquid mixture containing activated cannabinoids which can either be mixed in beverages such as a can of Mountain Dew or consumed as it is.

    The Ms. Moneypenny’s THC Syrup makes use of the highest quality concentrate. Available in a 300mg size, this THC syrup delivers a euphoric high that would last anywhere from five to six hours depending on the dosage taken.

  3. How to buy weed online in the US?

    With the passage of time, it looks like the United States is becoming increasingly accepting towards the use of marijuana. Today, the recreational use of Marijuana is legal in 10 states including Washington D.C.

    Soon, more states are likely to join in too. At the same time, almost every state allows the medical use of marijuana in case a patient carries a written prescription. Since the social stigmas revolving around the use of Marijuana are slowing vanishing away, many dispensaries and stores are popping up in different states. As a result of this, buying weed has become quite convenient and easy.

  4. Want to make your own liquid thc syrup?

    Ecommerce for the cannabis industry

    Liquid Karma Cherry Delight Thc Syrup is nano infused. Its highly recommended to use only 12mg at a time. You may want to allow 60 minutes in between your dosage when using Liquid Karma Cherry Delight Thc syrup. You can enjoy this product on its own, or mix with your favourite drink.


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